Most of my hand tool storage. My take on a french cleat.


Workshop getting closer.  Added some more lighting.  Finished storage for most of my tools.  I need to find the doors in the basement and put them back on. Working on some wood racks in the other room, which is stacked with stuff, as are my cabinets.  Then I can get down to working on something other than the shop.

Stereo cabinet for the shop


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Made a quick plywood cabinet for my shop to house my stereo. Finished assembling the other morning. Walnut frames and polycarbonate sheeting for the doors. Excited to have my turntable hooked back up. I even disassembled cleaned the pots on … Continue reading

Xmas gifts


Last minute Xmas stuff today…

Turned a rough pencil holder/thingy for my grandfather.  I think its locust.  Found it when I cut an old apple tree earlier this year.  It has some weird anomalies where the branches met the trunk.  Seems like there were a bunch of similar downed trees in that area.  This piece doesn’t have a noticeable anomaly, I just used a plain section.  Turned the top and bottom.  Wire brushed and sealed the rough part.  Drying overnight.  Just in time!  I made a piece from an abnormal section, which I’ll post later.  Its a gift for someone who looks at my tumblr page often.

Also roasted 6 batches of coffee on the stove top as last minute presents.  That’s enough to make me seriously consider starting my roaster build.

And I had time to work on a secondary bench for my new shop.  I’ll post a few pics of that later…

Happy holidays if you like that kind of thing!

Dovetailed tool box for xmas


And the second Xmas present finished.

My 4 year old loves tools.  I wonder where he gets that from?  He must have 5 or 6 tape measures he seems to talk people into giving him, plus some other mini tools I got for him.

It was kind of last minute, but since I made his brother something, I made him an old school tool box.  Used more cedar from the old fence.  I didn’t think of this before I started, but I was really nervous about breaking the pins on the cedar dovetails.  So I built everything with no test fitting until I was ready to glue the corners.  Yikes… I was lucky, it all fit well.  The partitions and bottom are dadoed in, and the handle is a through tenon held by the orientation of the corner joints.  No fasteners.  Assembly was a bit tricky with all those mating parts.  But it worked.  Glued the dovetails for good measure. I think he will like it.

Disclaimer:  yes, more dovetails.  Blatant overuse, I know.  But its just practice.

Dovetail toolbox


Working on more Xmas presents… finishing up maybe tomorrow.

Signed 180 Christmas cards for work this morning.  Last thought running through my mind during the upcoming apocalypse will probably be, “Damn it!  I knew it! So many other things I could have done other than sign 180 Christmas cards!  Fuck!”.

So thats probably how that will go…

I got wood at a christmas party. Not as bad as it sounds. Its mahogany.


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Went to a Christmas (or Christpocalypse) party last night at a friends house.  It’s about an hour and a half drive, so thankfully they had a spare room for me, especially knowing the quality of his home brews.  A few months ago … Continue reading

Plough plane


In between working on a couple Xmas gifts and now last minute preps for my social debut, I picked up a Stanley 45 plough plane. Came with one blade. One of these days I’ll order some tool steel and try making some blades. Looks like a late 1800s plane. Nice condition.