2 thoughts on “Sound hole sticker designs

  1. I love the logo design, Dave. Specifically, the image on the lower left looks the best, with the arc of the “d” mirroring the bottom half of the “B”.

    What you might want to consider is having something printed up with the image and your name (it would be well worth the effort to get a sample you like, then have that made into the permanent design), with a line for “Guitar #_____” and a line for “Date:_______” so you can write in the guitar number and date in pen/sharpie/whatever as you do them.

    I’ve been struggling with logo design ideas for months now and haven’t really come up with something I’m happy enough with to put anything to print. Part of the problem with mine is I want something simple enough that I can get it made into a stamp (or, at least, a notable part of it) and complex enough that it can be used in a header or on a business card and not look silly.


    • Hey, thanks for the input. I agree, I like the bottom left too. Its just that every time I draw it, its slightly different. I will probably use one of the better ones and put it on the computer. I’d also like it to be simple, maybe so I can make a hot stamp from it or even possibly make a printing block. Not sure where I’d use it, I never have really sold anything, not sure if I even want to, so probably not on a business card.
      Logos are tough. I’ve always used the d and B for signing things. I just had one of those wake up at 3:00am deals where I had the logo inspiration, of course I had to get up and draw it before I could go back to sleep.
      Good luck with your logo.


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